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Looking to buy tea online? Look no further than Life of Cha, your reliable online tea shop. With us, ordering is a breeze. Simply visit our website and explore our enticing collection, available right at your fingertips in our online store.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we offer seamless online purchasing. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience, selecting your favorite teas and adding them to your cart with ease. To make it even more convenient, we accept payment through AfterPay and ZipPay, providing you with flexible options to suit your preferences.

At Life of Cha, we value your satisfaction. That's why we offer FREE shipping for orders over $79, ensuring your tea delights reach you without any extra cost. For orders below $79, we provide a flat rate shipping fee of $8.99, guaranteeing affordability and convenience.

Experience the joy of buying tea online with Life of Cha. Enjoy the convenience, variety, and exceptional service that our reliable online tea shop provides. Embrace the power of tea from the comfort of your own home, and let the journey to health and positivity begin. Shop now and elevate your tea experience with Life of Cha.


Include a brief quote or a description of your relationship with the brand.

Include a brief quote or a description of your relationship with the brand.

Include a brief quote or a description of your relationship with the brand.


PURIFY COFFEE TEA - Having been a coffee drinker all my life - I was devastated when it started giving me bad stomach cramps and had to switch to tea but this is a game changer for me! So happy to have found this tea - absolutely love it!

Angela R

HYDRATE - The red hibiscus tea went over my expectations! Only needed a little bit of honey and the best WHOLE flower tea I have ever tried. I was expecting tiny crumbled up flowers but these are the whole flower! Excellent!

Catherine K

CRYSTAL BLUE TEA - I have almost the entire collection and honestly have loved every single purchase. The Butterfly Pea Tea has become my new favourite. Thank you for making the best products!

Brooke G

9PC SAMPLE PACK - These teas are delicious and this great value pack of samples lets you try out the varieties before buying the full size (which you'll end buying, trust me!)

Jessica V

PURIFY COFFEE TEA - The closest herbal version to the real thing that I've ever tried. It doesn't have the typical bitter aftertaste of dandelion either..I highly recommend getting the tea straw with it...handiest invention imaginable to encourage you to drink more tea, as it takes all the hassle and mess out of making it.


CRYSTAL BLUE TEA - Mind blown with this amazing tea! This is the stuff that mermaids drink! I saw this tea on IG and had to get it for myself to see. I love the blue colour and the magic that happens when lemon is added. Definitely will be back for more!