Rooibos Tea: How to Prepare This Red Tea the Right Way

Looking for a yummy caffeine-free tea? Rooibos Tea might just do the trick!

In this blog post, learn how to make Rooibos Tea easily with just a few ingredients but with hands full of love. 

What is Rooibos Tea? 

Native to South Africa, this herbal tea is made from the leaves of a shrub. The name "Rooibos" actually means "red bush". Rooibos tea has a red and slightly orangey color which is caused by the fermentation of its tea leaves. 

Interestingly, there are actually two types of Rooibos tea. There's Red Rooibos and then there's green Rooibos. The difference between the two lies in how they're being processed. Green Rooibos is less oxidized (exposing the tea leaves to air before drying them) compared to red Rooibos that is fully oxidized. It's also rare to find green Rooibos being sold. 

What does Red Rooibos Tea taste like? 

Rooibos tea has a smooth taste that welcomes your tastebuds with slightly sweet and nutty notes. It's light and simple but can be enhanced by blending it with other ingredients. 

What are the health benefits Rooibos Tea can give? 

By drinking Red Rooibos tea, you are bound to reap the following health benefits:

  • It cleanses the body through detoxification
  • It regulates blood sugar levels
  • It helps increase metabolism and weight loss
  • It promotes graceful aging 
  • It has zero caffeine and is low on calories 
  • It has anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties

How to prepare Red Rooibos Tea (Hot)

This tea can warm your stomach after a long hard day. It's perfect to take before bedtime because it doesn't have any caffeine that will wake you up. Plus, it can help relax your muscles so if you feel physically tired, this might help alleviate that problem. 



  1. Boil water up to 100°C. Boil more water than necessary to warm the teapot. 
  2. Pour some of the boiled water into the teapot. Swirl it around before discarding it. 
  3. Since we have ground Rooibos loose leaf tea, you can put it inside our organic teabags
  4. Add the rooibos teabag and the remaining boiled water to the teapot. 
  5. Cover the teapot and steep for 5 mins.
  6. Remove the teabag and pour tea into a cup. 

How to prepare Red Rooibos Tea (Iced) 

Rooibos iced tea is refreshing and incredibly healthy! Now, you can get to enjoy a drink that's actually good for your body and overall health. 


  • 1 1/2 teaspoon Rooibos Tea
  • 1 cup filtered water (room temperature or cold) 
  • Ice cubes (optional)


  1. Put the ground Rooibos Tea in teabags. Add the room temperature water to a pitcher along with the teabags. 
  2. Cover the pitcher and refrigerate for 12 hrs. Stir it from time to time to make sure the tea is mixing with the water.
  3. Once chilled, remove tea bags and pour tea into a cup. Feel free to add ice cubes if not cold enough for you. 
  4. Enjoy your Red Rooibos Iced Tea!

An alternative way of preparing red rooibos tea (using ground Rooibos) 

If you have an espresso machine or a coffee-brewing machine at home, you can use them to prepare your Rooibos tea. Since this one's ground, it will be hard to steep it in water by itself. By using an espresso machine or coffee machine, you can easily extract the goodness of the tea and brew it with the water while easily getting rid of the grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is there a side effect to drinking Rooibos tea? 

Rooibos tea is generally safe to drink. It has no properties or chemicals that would make it harmful to ingest. However, one particular case study claimed that rooibos tea triggers the production of estrogen, a female sex hormone. That's why those with hormone-sensitive conditions, like breast cancer, are advised to avoid this tea. This matter still needs more medical evidence for support, however. You can always consult your doctor just to make sure. 

2. When is the best time to drink Rooibos tea?

The great thing about Rooibos tea is that you can drink it anytime! You can have it in the morning, noon, or night. Even during the afternoons! The more you drink it, the more you will be getting its benefits. And now that you know its recipe, you can easily make it without any hassle. 

3. Does Rooibos tea make you sleepy?

Rooibos tea doesn't make you drowsy or sleepy per see. Unlike chamomile tea, rooibos doesn't have any sedative properties. But it does have the ability to function as a relaxant. It will only probably make you feel relaxed and less tense so in a way, it can help you rest. 

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