Simple Earl Grey Iced Tea with Mint and Lemon (3 Ingredients)

French Earl Grey Iced Tea Recipe

As the festive season is coming up soon, we've created a simple 3 ingredient Earl Grey Iced Tea anyone can whip up in just 3 minutes! 

This beautiful blend of floral and citrus notes is sure to please your guests.

Ingredients (makes 1 cup):

- 1 Tsp Le Grey tea

- 2 Slices of Lemon

- 1 Mint sprigs


1. Simply pour boiling water in a cup (250mL) with the tea and let it steep for 2-3 minutes.

2. Let it cool down to room temperature (1hr)

3. Crush the mint leaves and add to the tea with lemon slices and ice. 


To make a bigger jug, simple increase the portions accordingly. 

If you would like to cool down the tea quickly, simply add more tea leaves when brewing to create a concentrated version and add ice cubes immediately to cool down. 


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