Caffeine Tea

Caffeine tea, often referred to as tea with caffeine, adds an invigorating touch to your daily routine. At Life of Cha, we take this tradition a step further by offering a range of caffeine tea options that not only awaken your senses but also provide a healthful infusion for your body.


Our caffeine tea choices are diverse, each offering a unique burst of flavors and benefits. Discover the rich array of options within our Lattea series, including the gluten-free variant, the classic Original, the soothing Red Rooibos, the indulgent Mocha, and the heartwarming Gingerbread. For the Original, we offer 3 and 6-pack variants to suit your preferences.


Amidst busy mornings and long days, our Lattea series stands as the perfect caffeine alternative. These loose-leaf teas not only provide the energy boost you desire but also envelop you in the comfort of carefully crafted flavors. Elevate your mornings with the delightful harmony of taste and wellness, all in a single cup.


Embrace the enchantment of caffeine tea with Life of Cha's Lattea series. Explore our offerings, and let each sip infuse your day with vibrancy and balance.

Does Tea Have Caffeine?

You’ll be happy to know that our Lattea Coffee tea is 100% caffeine-free. It has a unique taste with hints of coffee tones. Perfect for coffeeholics aiming to cut caffeine, it offers a potent and delicious way to jumpstart your day without the jitters.


With our array of options, you'll never tire of the variety. Indulge in a different flavor each day and wake up excited to savor every blend. Lattea Coffee Tea is designed to delight coffee enthusiasts while embracing the world of tea's goodness.


For those seeking the best tea for coffee drinkers or the best caffeinated tea to replace coffee, our Lattea Coffee tea stands as the perfect solution. Embark on a new journey of taste, finding harmony between the boldness of coffee and the tranquility of tea. Discover the joy of this caffeine-free alternative within our best-selling teas collection


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Get the best deals with both local and global shipping, with FREE shipping for orders above AUD150 and an AUD14.99 flat rate for others. Let the goodness of our premium herbal tea blends grace your cup and ultimately enhance your well-being.


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