Loose Leaf Teas

Taste the freshest tea yet with Life of Cha's premium loose-leaf teas. Curated from the best tea suppliers and farms, our teas promise an exceptional tea-drinking experience that will captivate your senses. Indulge in our blends' pure and organic goodness, perfect for gifting or savoring by tea aficionados like you. Choose from an outstanding collection of Crystal Blue (Butterfly pea), Hydrate (Hibiscus), Zzz (Sleepy Time Chamomile), Le Grey (French Earl Grey), Spiced Chai, Dried Organic Elderbelly, and Balance (Green Tea) - each blend crafted to perfection.


Make your tea-drinking experience extra special with our Lattea flavors, including Lattea Mocha, Lattea Gluten-Free, and Lattea Red Rooibos. These delightful twists on traditional teas will leave you craving for more. We stand out from the rest by offering high-quality tea at great price bundles, ensuring a budget-friendly choice for all tea lovers. Our easy-to-order process ensures your tea journey is hassle-free and enjoyable.


Life of Cha is your go-to destination for the finest loose-leaf teas in Australia. Whether you're searching for "loose-leaf tea near me" or exploring our online loose-leaf tea shop, we bring you premium quality and exceptional taste. Savor the freshness, embrace the variety, and elevate your tea moments with Life of Cha's loose-leaf teas. Visit us now and immerse yourself in a world of tea perfection!


Is it cheaper to buy loose-leaf tea?

Definitely! Unlike tea bags, our loose-leaf tea sourced from top suppliers and farms ensures superior taste in every cup. With intact leaves, you can infuse more flavor and steep multiple times, maximizing value. Enjoy cost savings with loose-leaf tea by purchasing it in larger quantities. Each sip of our loose-leaf tea delivers exceptional taste and satisfaction. Indulge in the heightened sensory journey, savoring the aroma and richness of the flavors.


Beyond its economy and sensory pleasure, loose-leaf tea boasts health benefits with natural antioxidants and nutrients. That’s why you should invest wisely in your well-being. Experience the difference with Life of Cha's loose-leaf tea - a perfect choice for tea lovers seeking quality and affordability. Elevate your tea moments with our exceptional loose-leaf tea collection. Don’t forget that we have tea gift sets that are not just quick, easy and convenient, but a sure guarantee of two thumbs up from tea lovers!


Is Loose-Leaf Tea Healthier Than Tea Bags?

Yes! Loose-leaf tea brings health benefits that surpass those of tea bags. At our loose-leaf tea shop, we take pride in offering premium loose-leaf tea that enhances your well-being.


Loose-leaf tea contains whole, unbroken tea leaves, ensuring optimal freshness and preserving essential nutrients and antioxidants. In contrast, tea bags often consist of crushed leaves and dust, resulting in lower quality and reduced health benefits.


Savoring loose-leaf tea unlocks a plethora of health advantages. Rich in antioxidants, loose-leaf tea helps combat free radicals and promotes a strong immune system. Additionally, loose-leaf tea may aid digestion, support heart health, and improve mental focus.


Embrace the goodness of loose-leaf tea and experience the wellness it brings. Visit our loose-leaf tea shop and discover a world of premium teas, each crafted to nourish your body and elevate your tea-drinking journey.


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Within Australia, relish FREE shipping for orders above $79, and a flat shipping rate of $8.99 for others. For our international customers, shipping is a flat rate of $14.99, and FREE for orders above $150.


Savor your favorite tea flavors in less than 2 days for local orders and under 5 days for international orders. Embrace the joy of tea with Life of Cha - your perfect tea partner!