9 Steps to a Stress-Free Planning of the Perfect Bridal Tea Party

Planning bridal high tea parties is an exciting but overwhelming task, especially if you are trying to please many people with different tastes. It's a send-away party for the soon-to-be missus so it must be something special. Although this will only take place at home, that doesn't mean you can't turn it into a simple yet fabulous event that will be memorable for those who will attend.

However, to surely make this unforgettable for the bride-to-be and the guests, you have to make the right choices for the high tea party. There will be a lot of planning and decision-making that's going to be quite stressful, so to make things easier for you we've created a blog post that will help you through the process.

This blog post will serve as your guide on how to plan a memorable bridal high tea party by serving healthy teas in elegant teapots.

Select a theme for the high tea event

Choosing a theme will help you set an overall tone for the high tea party. You must know what type of girl the bride is so that you can select the one that matches her taste. Below are some theme samples for high tea parties.

If the bride is into relaxation and chill, heartfelt conversations, maybe a Lavender-themed tea party would do the trick. You can make use of scented candles or incense sticks to enhance the ambiance. If she or the guests have a more exotic taste, you can go for a Moroccan-themed high tea party with a sweetened and spiced menu. Executing an evening garden tea party is also a good idea especially if the bride and invitees are into nature stuff. Or, if the bride is leaning towards traditional, you can always choose a simple but sophisticated British afternoon high tea. It's like sipping tea while "spilling the tea" with your fellow duchesses!

Create the guest list for the high tea event

Think of the people you will invite to the event and list them down. Those who are closest to the bride-to-be such as her family members, friends, or co-workers should be present to celebrate this joyful occasion with her.

Set up the party area or venue for the high tea event

The party venue is where the magic happens. This is where the bride will be celebrating and commemorating her last moments as a single woman. This is the perfect time to get crafty, too. Customize your party area by decorating it with things that are meaningful for you and your guests. Keep in mind that the overall look must be aligned to the chosen tea party theme.

Here are a few decoration ideas:

  • Hanging up banners or pictures
  • Setting up a photo booth (don't forget all the fun props and accessories!)
  • Setting up the tables with cute yet inexpensive tableware such as plates, silverware, and napkins
  • Adding flowers and beautiful centerpieces
  • Adding balloons or curtain streamers

Create a good playlist for the high tea event

When it comes to parties or events, music plays a major role in making it more fun! Choose a bunch of songs to play when the guest arrives, while the bride is opening presents, and especially when everyone's eating their finger food and snacks so that there's no dead air. Ensure that the music is audible but not too loud so that the guests can still enjoy having conversations with one another without having to shout.

The songs you play must be in line with the theme of the party. For instance, if it's a British afternoon high tea, some joyful classical music would certainly suffice.

Craft and send the invitations for the high tea event

Before, we had to rely on professional graphic designers to create the invitation of our dreams. Now, thanks to various digital tools made available, we can create our own invitations and save up on our budget. Create an invitation with a design that matches the theme of the tea party. You can opt to send physical invitations to make it feel more authentic for the guests but a digital version sent through emails or messages is more cost-effective.

Plan the high tea menu

Usually, in high tea parties, the food is served in individual servings to allow the guests to taste each one in the high tea menu. The high tea menu should include food that isn't heavy but is delicious and healthy enough to keep your guests energized throughout the event. A sample high tea menu mostly includes pastries like bread, cakes, and biscuits. Sandwiches and deviled eggs are also some of the most popular choices. It will also depend on the type of tea you're serving.

Plan the drink menu

What's a high tea party without the tea, right? You can say that this might be the second most important part of the event (next to the bride, of course!). It's important that you choose the right kind of tea to serve your guests to make sure that they will get a wonderful experience in every sip.

This sample high tea menu is best for your party:

  • French Earl Grey tea - both tasty and aromatic, this healthy tea has a fruity and floral taste with a hint of natural sweetness
  • Crystal Blue tea - hot or iced, fancy your palate with this colorful tonic that has a taste of dried butterfly pea flowers—perfectly balanced with lemon-myrtle and ginger
  • Coffee tea (caffeine-free) - a perfect alternative to coffee, coffee tea is healthy yet rich and robust in flavor but caffeine-free
  • Red Hibiscus tea - for a sweet like tart flavor, red hibiscus tea is the perfect drink that can give you multiple health benefits along with a unique and pleasant taste

Every mentioned tea contains a unique flavor and color that would be best shown through a glass teapot. Glass teapots are more elegant-looking and is much more suitable for a high tea bridal party better compared to clay or ceramic ones.

With glass pots, the tea leaves become eye candy; multicolored teas with vibrant hues like purple, blue, or bright red are so aesthetically pleasing to look at when inside a clear pot. Glass teapots with warmers can also allow the guests to enjoy more by pouring themselves a cup without the tea getting cold as easily.

You can also serve the tea with the help of tea tubes which are great tea infuser tools, enabling you to prepare and brew the perfectly blended tea.

By serving delicious teas, you will not only be warming your guests' tummies but will also be providing them with health benefits, further improving their high tea experience!

Plan the program flow

What will be taking place during the actual bridal shower? Make sure that you create an organized flow of the high tea party to ensure that everything is in place and nothing will be overlooked. Will the opening of the presents come first before eating? Is there going to be a special intermission number for the entertainment of the bride? It's up to you what the program inclusions will be as long as everything will run smoothly.

Send party favors

Just because the bridal shower is over, doesn't mean the good stuff has to end there. Don't let your guests go home without a smile on their faces. Give them beautiful party favors that they can take home with them to serve as a thank you for gracing your planned event with their presence and to also serve as their souvenir from that special day.

Since this is a tea party, it would great to give them party favors in form of cute but memorable gifts. Maybe something to decorate their home or, since they came from a tea party, something special they can use to make their own teas at home!

Plan for the best high tea experience

Preparing for a high tea party can be tricky but on the day of the event, everything will be worth it. Although the party is simple and elegant, the most important part of it all is found in the littlest details—from the drinks that the guests enjoyed to the waves of laughter shared between conversations. 

There is no such thing as the perfect high tea party but there can be the best high tea experience. As much as you can, plan the important parts but when a few troubles or mix-ups arise, just laugh it off and enjoy because after all, parties are all about authentic and fun experiences!

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