Celebrities Who Don’t Drink Coffee—and What They Choose to Drink Instead

So many people around the world start their morning by brewing their favorite coffee. There’s just something about the bittersweet taste that gives us the energy we need for the day. However, as much as a lot of us love coffee, there are those who don’t. This is the same case for celebrities who both have fans and haters at the same time and that’s just because they’re that popular. 

Coincidentally enough, this article will be telling you all about coffee and which celebrities don’t drink it. 

Why do some people don’t drink coffee? And what do they drink instead?

There are plenty of reasons why some of us prefer not to drink coffee. It might be due to the taste since that is a subjective matter and not everyone can enjoy the same taste like others. It can also be a matter of health. We all know coffee contains caffeine, a substance that is known for boosting our energy and keeping us awake in yawn-inducing work meetings (just kidding!). 

Unfortunately, consuming too much caffeine may lead to various health issues such as headaches, hyperacidity, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, shakiness, and many others. Coffee is indeed delicious, even mixed with other flavors and ingredients to produce a variety of fun-filled beverages. But it can also be addicting and drinking it too much might affect our health and lifestyle negatively. 

If it’s hard to let go of coffee, there are alternatives you can try! To keep you motivated in your coffee withdrawal journey, you can check out these famous celebrities and find out why they quit coffee and what they drink instead. 

Celebrities who don’t drink coffee and what they drink as a substitute

1. Kim Kardashian West 

Kim admits that she’s not an avid coffee-drinker. According to her, she likes the taste but not so much as to consume it every day. She only drinks coffee like once a month, especially when she’s jet-lagged. She prefers to drink water consistently. Kim believes that after having her baby, she wants to consume all things pure as possible for good health. 

She also used to drink a lot of iced tea but decided to cut back to reduce her consumption of sweeteners. 

2. Jim Carrey 

Well-renowned actor and comedian Jim Carrey prefers to stay away from coffee to preserve his mental health. He has revealed in the past that his non-consumption of caffeine helps with his mental clarity. In 2004, he also revealed that he was very serious about no drugs and alcohol as well. 

3. Oprah Winfrey 

Globally-loved talk show host Oprah Winfrey is also not a fan of coffee. She is more of a tea aficionado, even having Starbucks name a Chai blend tea drink after her. She especially loves to drink teas that have more spicy and robust blends. It is no wonder why the aforementioned coffee shop named a spiced chai tea after her. 

4. Zendaya 

This young actress can rewrite the stars, but she can’t drink coffee. Zendaya stated in her interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she doesn’t drink coffee or even energy drinks and soda. She believes that drinking those beverages don’t do anything for her. She fancies juice, although not the “fancy kind” ones. 

5. Naomi Campbell

Interestingly enough, this feisty supermodel doesn’t like coffee because of its smell. She likes to start her morning with a cup of hot water with lemon and is a fan of herbal teas. She particularly likes drinking green tea every now and then. 

Coffee—is it bad or good? 

There’s really no telling if coffee is bad or good for you. Coffee is deemed safe to drink as long as it’s in moderation. These celebrities just found reasons not to drink coffee because that’s just how it is. It’s their lifestyle, it’s their taste, it’s their health. Many other celebrities drink coffee too anyway. 

Whether you like coffee or not, it’s important to know that just like everything else it has its upsides and downsides. You can drink it as much as you need to, but never to the point where you’re all shaky and jittery. 

If you decide to quit coffee forever but find it extremely hard, don’t worry. There are plenty of other delicious but healthier coffee alternatives out there that you can try.  

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