Debunking Tea Myths 101

Are you an avid tea drinker or somebody trying it out for the first time? Here are the most common tea myths (and their consequent facts!) that both tea lovers and newbie drinkers should know about!

#1 Tea helps cure cancer.

Does drinking tea help treat a serious condition like cancer?

The real deal: Tea doesn’t directly treat cancer. There is a possibility that it can aid in reducing its risk. Tea contains polyphenols, a type of compound that has antioxidative properties that track down and fight off free radicals. Free radicals can damage our cells and lead to chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc. So, in a way, tea can help reduce its risk but not directly treating the condition. It’d be best to consult your doctor first before anything else.

#2 Green tea is better for you than black tea.

Green tea is better than black tea because it’s healthier and has less caffeine.

The real deal: Actually, the case of whether or not green tea is better than black tea depends on the drinker. Most research states that green tea has stronger antioxidants compared to black tea, but another study revealed that they have equally effective antioxidant properties. 

And despite both having caffeine content, black tea usually has more. This is why green tea is a better choice for people who are sensitive to caffeine. Also, green tea has L-theanine which gives a calming effect and balances the effects of caffeine. 

If you’re looking for a caffeine boost that is nearly similar to coffee, go for black tea. But if you want a mild waker that still has soothing effects and powerful antioxidants, green tea is the one. 

#3 Adding milk to tea reduces its health benefits.

Milk is delicious, milk is great. But sadly, adding it to tea counteracts its health benefits. 

The real deal: Adding milk to your tea can possibly negate some of its health benefits but in varying amounts. For instance, milk has proteins that can bind to polyphenols, therefore decreasing tea’s antioxidant capacity. However, there are also good things about adding milk to your tea! If plain tea irritates your stomach, adding milk may help because it causes your stomach to produce less acid. 

#4 All teas are the same.

Tea is tea. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not. They’re all made in the same way, just different in packaging! 

The real deal: Teas are most definitely not made in the same way. There are quality teas that are gourmet-type, made by authentic tea houses. Others are commercialized teabags which you’d usually find in common stores. If you want the best tea experience, choose the one made from genuine tea leaves, flowers, or roots. The best way to determine the quality of tea is by its aroma. Good tea welcomes you with a natural but intense aroma, while the bad ones lose their smell all too quickly. 

#5 Tea stains the teeth. 

Drinking tea can stain your teeth.

The real deal: Actually, this one’s true! Tea does stain our teeth. And, according to some sources, it can even possibly stain our teeth more than coffee can. Tea contains tannins, organic substances that cause the stain on your teeth. If you drink too much tea every single day, then don’t be so surprised if you notice your teeth aren’t as perfectly white as they used to be. 

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