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Worried about getting sick? Learn how to boost your immune system with these immune boosting teas!

With the recent happenings, people have been more adamant about their health. Getting sick is a possibility that we cannot deal with at the moment. That is why lots of people have been investing more time and effort when it comes to living healthily. 

One of the important factors to consider in our health is our immune system. This is the very thing that protects us from diseases that can negatively impact our lives. Having a strong immune system gives us better chances of deflecting or recovering from any sickness that might come our way. But how do we do that?

There are plenty of ways to enhance our immunity. Some take Vitamin C daily, others engage in exercise, while some practice a balanced diet. But did you know that there's another easy way to boost our immune system? Yes, by drinking tea! 

Read on to find out which are the best teas that are good for immune system. 


Drinking teas for immunity | Life of Cha


Drinking teas for immunity: is it really effective?

Teas are not just known for being good beverages to serve at a party, they also have a reputation for providing various health benefits. Surely, even for once in your life, you have encountered someone who encouraged you to drink tea when you were dealing with an upset stomach. It's because teas are mostly known for being an aid in digestion. 

But did you know that tea is also great for strengthening immunity? It contains certain properties and compounds that help protect our bodies from being vulnerable to various diseases and medical conditions. Tea might not be as strong as coffee or as tasty as soda and juices, but it certainly is something that we need to consume in our daily life if we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Besides, every sip of it will give us the calming and soothing feeling no other beverage can ever provide. 


Drinking teas for immunity | Life of Cha

Teas that are good for immune system 

Here is the list of immune boosting teas that you should try:


Turmeric tea for immunity | Life of Cha

1. Turmeric tea 

One of the best teas for immunity is turmeric tea. Native from India and Indonesia, it has a pepper-like aroma and a strong, bitter flavor. It has long been used for medicinal purposes, thanks to the existence of a compound called curcumin. Curcumin is responsible for turmeric's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. This is why turmeric is often used to treat arthritis. One study even revealed its ability in managing pain caused by osteoarthritis. Another benefit of turmeric tea is that it can provide support to our immune system because curcumin has the ability to regulate our immune cells. 

Check out our ingredients and recipe for turmeric tea!


Blue Butterfly Pea tea for immunity | Life of Cha

2. Blue Butterfly Pea tea

This tea doesn't just change its color, it also changes our life by being one of the best immunity teas. It's pumped with antioxidants which makes it able to protect our bodies from free radical damage (that might lead to more serious diseases like diabetes and cancer) and keeps our hair and skin healthy. It originally has a blue color but then it turns to a pinkish purple once you add a bit of lemon juice to it. Drinking this tea can also help with lowering blood pressure and pain relief. Now you've got a treat for the eyes and the health! 

Check out our ingredients and recipe for blue butterfly pea tea! 


Green tea for immunity | Life of Cha

3. Green tea 

The list of immune boosting teas wouldn't be complete without green tea on it. Green tea contains catechins, natural antioxidants that can help protect our bodies from coughs, colds, and flu. Although our body naturally produces antioxidants, they're not enough to fight off the damage from free radicals. By drinking green tea, we are also absorbing its antimicrobial qualities, giving us a better defense against infections and diseases. Make sure to drink fresh green tea leaves. The fresher they are, the more effective. 

Check out our ingredients and recipe for green tea!


Elderberry tea for immunity | Life of Cha

4. Elderberry tea 

When it comes to the best immunity teas, elderberry tea is a great candidate. The flowers and berries of elderberry are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that will really help strengthen our immune system. Its properties are capable of treating inflammation, reducing stress, and protecting our heart health. Furthermore, some experts recommend drinking elderberry tea to help prevent and relieve symptoms of cold and flu. Talk about hitting multiple birds with one stone!

Check out our ingredients and recipe for elderberry tea!


Hibiscus tea for immunity | Life of Cha

5. Hibiscus tea 

This reddish-colored tea that's both enjoyable hot or iced is also considered to be the best herbal tea for immunity. It contains Vitamin C, a well-known antioxidant that is responsible for keeping our immune system healthy and strong. Vitamin C is also crucial for absorbing iron, which our body gravely needs as well. Hibiscus tea is also filled with antibacterial properties, providing a strong foundation for our defense against diseases like colds or flu. 

Check out our ingredients and recipe for hibiscus tea!


Chamomile tea for immunity | Life of Cha

6. Chamomile tea

This sleep-inducing tea may be recognized for its calming properties, but it's also one of the ideal teas for immunity. Chamomile tea is believed to be helpful in boosting our immune function by reducing our stress levels and helping us improve our quality of sleep. The reason behind this would be the antioxidant called apigenin, which binds our brain receptors to promote sleepiness and reduce insomnia. Lack of quality sleep may lead to fatigue, which may also contribute to the weakening of our immune system. So if you're looking for an herbal tea for immunity, try chamomile! 

Check out our ingredients and recipe for chamomile tea!


Lemon tea for immunity | Life of Cha

7. Lemon tea

It's easy to see that lemon tea is one of the best teas for immunity because a citrus fruit like lemon is packed with Vitamin C (a well-known aid for immunity). Lemons are also rich in other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It contains flavonoids which are known for combatting free radicals. By drinking this tea, we can strengthen our immune system defense and fight bacteria and infections better. It might also help lower our risk of brain disease and many other degenerative illnesses. 

Check out our ingredients and recipe for lemon tea!

Looking for more immune boosting teas?  

When it comes to immune boosting teas, we can help. Here at Life of Cha, we understand the importance of caring for our health to experience a better quality of life. Our collection of unique-tasting teas aim to help improve not just your immune system, but your overall physical and mental health. There's also a recipe for each tea on our website that you can follow so that you can create your own immunity tea at home! 

If you wanna know more about teas that are good for immune system, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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