7 Fun Ways You Can Recycle Your Used Tea Leaves

Recycle Used Tea Leaves | Life of Cha


Just because something is used, doesn’t mean it’s useless. 

The same goes for tea leaves; after we brew and enjoy a warm cup of tea, we usually throw out the strained tea leaves or the teabag. But did you know that they can still be of use? 

Teas are no strangers to natural home remedies. Other than drinking, they can also be used in various life hacks that will help you save your budget and will also benefit the environment. Tea is definitely a must-have in our everyday life. 

In this blog post, we will be sharing with you the fun, different ways you can recycle your used tea leaves. 

What can I do with my used tea leaves? 

1. Compost

Growing a garden in your backyard? Your used tea leaves might be able to help. After receiving the nutrients from the tea in every sip, it’s time for your plants to get them. Collect the strained tea leaves and sprinkle them all over your flower beds every week. You can also mix the used tea leaves with soil or compost before planting a new plant. With the various nutrients inside the leaves, they will surely help your plant grow. Cheers to your soon-to-be thriving garden! 

recycle used tea leaves | Life of Cha

2. Sore eye relief 

If you feel like your eyes are tired, swollen, or sore, you can rely on used tea leaves. With the various antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties found in tea, they might be able to provide the best kind of soothing relief that your eyes need. Put the damp tea leaves in a muslin bag and place them gently over your eyes. 

recycle used tea leaves for sore eyes | Life of Cha


3. Wardrobe freshener 

Does your mom or partner frequently complain about the smell of your wardrobe? You can solve this problem quickly and easily by using dry tea leaves mixed with a spoonful of dried lavender flowers. For instance, you may choose to use green tea leaves because they’re a great odor neutralizer. Meanwhile, the lavender flowers will prevent the moths. Remember to use only fully-dried tea leaves and make sure to spread them evenly. 

recycle used tea leaves for wardrobe | Life of Cha


4. Shoe freshener

Sometimes, life stinks and so do our shoes. Fortunately, you can put an end to this problem by grabbing your used dry tea leaves and putting them in a filter. In this scenario, green tea leaves are also a good choice. Put the filter filled with tea leaves inside your shoes and leave them there for a good 24 hours. Remove the tea leaves before putting the shoes on. 

recycled tea leaves shoe freshener | Life of Cha


5. Cleaning agent 

Doing some spring cleaning or just looking for another way to distract yourself from work? Why not try cleaning your windows! Used tea leaves are also viable cleaning agents that you can use in making your windows shiny and spotless. Here, we recommend using used black tea leaves by 5 teaspoons of it per liter of water. Steep it for about 20 minutes and let it cool to room temperature. Grab a cleaning cloth and soak it with the used tea mixture before wringing it and wiping the windows. 

recycle used tea leaves for cleaning | Life of Cha



6. Fridge freshener 

Sometimes, we overstuff our fridge and forget to remove the food and drinks that we will no longer eat. Because of this, the fridge starts to develop a nasty smell that might stay there if you won’t clean it. If you think that you won’t have the time to clean your fridge any time soon, it’d be best to prevent any smell from happening by using tea leaves as a freshener. You can simply store the leaves in an open container and place them on the middle of the fridge’s shelf.

recycle used tea leaves as fridge freshener | Life of Cha


7. Dying clothing 

If sipping tea brings color to your life, you can also do the same to your clothes using used tea leaves. You can do this by adding at least 3 to 5 grams of the used tea leaves of your choice to every 200 ml of water. Put the water in a large pan and let it boil. Let the tea steep for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then, strain the tea leaves before submerging the wet clean cloth into the mixture, leaving it there overnight. Some black teas might produce yellowish notes but if you’re going for orange or reddish tones, used rooibos tea would be the optimal choice. 

recycle used tea leaves for dyeing clothes | Life of Cha



Tea brings a lot of benefits into our lives, whether they’re used or unused. Now that you know the many ways you can recycle tea leaves, you can do this anytime you need or want to. Now you won’t have to worry about weird odors and caring for your plants. You can totally save up on spending and ensure that what you’re using is purely organic and natural!

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